Friday, March 23, 2012

In Auburn Ravine continued

Just as a quick refresher, here is the next dress I want to recreate.

Circa 1852
I have been thinking about how the pleats at the shoulders are handled with this dress and have two options.  Like the dress below, I could add a separate pleated bertha and attach it the the shoulder and center front seams.

Or I the piece is darted at the waist and pleated into the shoulder seam, as illustrated below.

Personally, I am leaning towards the bertha because I have so many fan front dressed with gathering and pleating at the front waist, that this would be an opportunity to have a darted front dress with a nice tight fit around the waist and added volume to the top (where I need it the most).  


  1. i like the bertha idea too! very neat. what are you thinking of making the veil out of?

    1. I have an original veil that I wore attached to the headdress I made for my wedding that I could use and I have another veil that I made for another bonnet years ago. I'll look into an alternative though. The silk gauze you bought looks dreamy! It's from Dharma right?

  2. I'd go with the idea of a bertha, too! I love to follow your new project, sounds very interesting - hope we get to see lots of sewing/construction details :)



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