Friday, September 14, 2012

Circa 1810 Quilt Project

Even though I have been sewing reproduction clothing for a few years, I have never attempted a quilt...until now.  Lindy Miller, quilter extraordinaire, historic fabric enthusiast, and owner of Timeless Calico Designs, was kind enough to put together a quilt kit from her wonderful collection of historic reproduction fabrics.  She has an online storefront and an etsy store so check her out!  

The quilt below will be my first attempt. Lindy recommended it for a beginner quilter like me and I love how colorful and busy the fabrics are!

My version replaces the feather border and center sashing with this pillar fabric, but with a mustard background, which will make the quilt predominately yellow.  It will look smashing with my walnut bedroom furniture!

Has anyone else made a quilt and would like to bestow and few words of wisdom?