Monday, February 22, 2016

1815 Morning Dress

I recently completed a morning dress for an upcoming overnight event at an inn.  I was inspired by several originals including this:
1815-1818 Met (Accession Number: 1975.274.2)
I purchased the fabric at Michael Levine's in Los Angeles for entirely too much per yard, but when you are making a Napoleonic-era dress and the bee print fabric is called "Josephine" YOU BUY ALL OF IT.
I used the Laughing Moon #130 Wrapping Front Gown pattern with modifications so there is no lining, just extensive hand finishing.  I drafted up my own collar and trimmed it with a ruffle made with the selvage edging (see image above), which I also used for the ruffle along the bottom.  The sleeves are very long, and made even longer with a cuff ruffle.  A self-fabric tie is the closure. Overall,  the instructions were clear, I had fun with self-fabric trim, and now I need to work on a cap!
Finished Laughing Moon #130 Wrapping Front Gown with modifications