Friday, February 15, 2013

1852 Diggins Dress

I finally decided on a dress design for the 2013 Columbia Diggins event (even though it's a bit outdated for 1852)!
This dress:

American Textile History Museum, 1845-1845
with this fabric:
Cheddar and Illuminations Dargate reproduction print. 
and modifying the Truly Victorian 1845 German Day Dress pattern. I'll have to drape the bodice gathering detail, but everything else should be pretty straight forward. The pattern also may need some adjustment around the armscye.  I actually ripped the armscye of my favorite work shirt now that my chest, shoulders, arms, and delts are a lot bigger and stronger from weight lifting.  I do have plenty of sheer white fabric that I can work with to make a nice chemisette to fill in the lowered neckline if I have the time/inclination. I own a beautiful original chemistte with whitework but it's far too delicate for wear, but is a great inspiration piece.