Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Auburn Ravine c.1852

Seeing that I am giving a talk on women's fashion at a museum, why not recreate clothing from an original image taken during the Gold Rush? I have always loved the image "In Auburn Ravine."

My husband has yards and yards of dark blue wool that he ordered that is too light weight for what he wanted, so guess what color this dress will be...?


  1. What a fantastic photo, and a great idea. It seems like a dark colour, so blue would do as well as any other.
    They look like such hard workers.

  2. Sounds like your kind of project. Be sure to share the results as I know that it will be a beauty.

    Many years ago, I remember helping some of the staff at Marshall Gold Discovery SHP understand the Lady's bonnet ties and the thrown-back veil.

    There are a lot of details in the image worth studying.

    Take care


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