Monday, March 26, 2012

1845-1849 Dress from LACMA

Here is another option for the Auburn Ravine dress. This example is from the "Fashioning Fashion" exhibit at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which I was able to visit last year.
1845-1849 Dress
Dress: England, 1845-49 
Silk plain weave with warp-float patterning, printed, silk lace, and silk passementerie

"By the mid-1840s, dresses with sloped shoulders, tight bodices with fitted sleeves, and fuller skirts mirrored the similarly constricting social norms of the early Victorian woman. Bodices often included rows of pleat extending over the shoulder to the waist in a pronounced V-shape that pointed to the wide, cartridge-pleated skirt."
Here a link to a close-up of the bodice.

Using the Truly Victorian TV 454 pattern as a base, the V-shaped pleats would be laid over where the brettelles would go.  It's another option I can play around with!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love that material.

  2. Gorgeous gown, and I loved that exhibit in LA too!

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful dress! That fabric is so special.


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