Thursday, June 2, 2011

Laughing Moon #114 Ladies Round Dress 1840s-1852

Late 1840s bodices are usually either darted or fan front, with variations of course.   
Darted 1840s Dress
Fan Front 1840s Dress
Most of the dresses that I made for Gold Rush had been the fan front style using the Past Patterns dress, until Laughing Moon Mercantile published their Ladies Round Dress Pattern. A variety of styles can be achieved with the pattern with a darted or fan front bodice, sleeve variations, etc.  I made the darted version with a tighter sleeve and sleeve caps.

I used an 1840s reproduction cotton print with vines and bubbles, (hence the dress has been dubbed “The Bubble Dress”), 100% silk satin to cover wood discs for the buttons, and 100% silk satin ribbon trim.  The bodice lining is boned at the darts that extend up to the bust line and the dress has functional cuffs.
1840s Round Dress Pattern
Sleeve cap ribbon detail.

 Overall, I really like this pattern.  The armscyes were a bit too small for me, but other than that it went together great.  I think I will be using the bodice pattern as a base for a new 1853 dress I have in the works. .


  1. Wow, that fabric's pretty perfect! Obviously a little modern-looking, but the scale and waviness are great.

  2. That is lovely! It fits so nicely, I especially love the sleeves.

    Glad to hear its a nice pattern, I was actually considering using it soon.

  3. beautiful! you do such wonderful work.

  4. Oh how beautiful your dressed turned out...the fabric is fabulous! You are a great inspiration to me as I am hoping to make an 1840s dress for an event at the end of November!




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