Monday, June 13, 2011

1840s Pleated Bertha

 Inspired by this dress from the Tasha Tudor collection, I made a pleated bertha out of 100% silk duchess satin with a hard backing for my wedding dress:
Detail of pleated bertha.
 To make my life easier I used the Civil War Ballgown Simplicity 5724 bertha pattern pieces.

Simplicity 5724 
I attached piped lozenges at the berth front and shoulder seams (like the original dress) and the back closed with hooks and eyes.
Bertha back, note lozenges over shoulder seam.


  1. Wow, gorgeous! I have almost never seen a pleated bertha reproduced for some reason (?), and moreover yours looks lovely. Thanks for sharing the detail shots!

    (Also hi! I'm normally a lurker on your blog, but this was too lovely not to comment. :)

  2. Beautiful construction!
    The last photo is just amazing: looks as if you really managed to step back in time!!!

  3. Your wedding dress is stunning! The pleated berthe was such a great choice and I love the piped trim on it! You look absolutely beautiful in it!


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