Sunday, March 20, 2011

Simplicity 7215 Corset Pattern

This is my modified version of the 7215 Simplicity corset pattern made of a single layer coutil from Sac City Drygoods. I'm going for an 1840s "coffee can" silhouette with this one so I modified the boning placement, gusset placement, shortened the height of the back, shaped the front edges, and made it two sizes smaller than my previous version.

Front view and wearing a Elizabeth Stewart Clark pattern chemise:

I'm very happy about the spring in the back being even the entire length:


  1. A lovely corset. May I ask how you were able to make a corset with only one layer. I thought you would need two so that the boning is sandwiched between. Is a single layer corset cooler in summer?
    A very nice accomplishment,
    Sarah Grace

  2. You can buy boning casing tape that is essentially a sleeve that you can slip the boning into and then when you bind the edges of the corset, it keeps the boning in place. I also used the same boning casing as a waist enforcement to keep it from stretching.


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