Thursday, March 3, 2011

1840s Quilted Silk Hood

I stayed up ridiculously late one night waiting for Ian to get home after visiting family in Seattle.  To keep myself occupied until he returned in the wee hours of the morning I decided to make a quilted hood. I based mine off an original 1840s quilted hood from Meg Andrew's website, which is no longer up I'm afraid and I failed to save a picture of it!  The original was purple silk with cream binding and ties, and of course had a sickening amount of hand quilting, so mine is admittedly much simpler.  I loved the little detail around the front of the hood with the pleated silk trim.  I cut strips of fabric on the bias to prevent fraying, joined them together, and pleated until I had the right amount.  The brown silk taffeta I used was leftovers from my dress and mantle and I think I have enough to make a pelerine if I want.  The interior is wool flannel.

I used an 1859 quilted cap pattern and altered the front edges and shortened the bavolet.  

1840s Silk Quilted Bonnet
Interior lined in polished cotton
I have yet to wear it since I haven't been to any cold weather events since I made this in late 2008, but I hope it makes it's debut one day!

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  1. I absolutely love it! It's a shame that the the original hood isn't up anymore on her site :p I am quite enjoying her site! I can only imagine what the original looked like - with that purple- sounds so pretty!! It's wonderful to see a work finished! :)


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