Thursday, March 17, 2011

1840s Theme Wedding - The Dress

Our wedding theme was the 1840s since Ian and I first met at a Gold Rush living history event, so we thought it would be a great idea.  The first dress I drew inspiration was from the Tasha Tudor collection.  I copied the pleated bertha with 9 pleats on the front and back, as well as the shaped piped lozenges to cover the seams.  The second dress I took inspiration from the long sleeves and the skirt pleating that meets in the front.  I loved the idea of a pelerine but it wasn't suitable for a summer garden wedding.
Tasha Tudor dress
1840s Satin Wedding Dress with Swans Down Pelerine

My 1840s Wedding Dress
Close up of pleated bertha
The material is a hard backed 100% silk duchess ivory satin that I bought from a shop in the LA Garment District.  The bodice pattern went through so many changes that I don't even remember what I used as a starting point! For the skirt support I wore my corded petticoat, a tucked petticoat, and a plain petticoat (all with yoked waistbands).  
Mr. Rochester and his Mustard Seed

Up next...accessories!


  1. Without a doubt I think you wedding gown is the most beautiful I have seen to date. Both the bride and groom are stunning. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.

  2. What a fantastic wedding. So creative. Love the dress and groom's wear. I suppose this happened quite a while ago, but congratulations anyway. I was looking at your lovely shoes by Robert Land. I'm looking for some earlier Victorian slippers. Do you recommend them?

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment. Yes, I would recommend Robert Land. I sent him the silk satin and my foot measurements to make a custom pair of slippers and I think it took 6-8 weeks to have them made, but I had no complaints because it was a custom job. Good luck on finding the perfect slippers!

  3. Well now! That is so delightful! Makes me want to have a wedding ceremony all over again!! You looked beautiful and your wedding dress, veil, ring, and slippers were fabulous!!

  4. Un vestido de boda precisos. Están muy guapos los dos. Lástima no poder ver más fotografias con más detalles. Gracias por compartilas.


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