Tuesday, February 4, 2014

1860s Ladies Paletot

After I made Ian an 1860s smoking cap for Christmas, he wanted to make me something after he finished up a few sewing projects for other people.  He decided to make me a wool paletot to go with the new 1860s impression I've been building recently.

For the coat, I had several yards of Italian wool that I bought seven years ago at B.Black and Sons in Los Angeles.  Ian was with me at the time and urged me to buy it for a coat, little did I know it would take so long to get around to making one!  For the pattern he used the Kay Fig Ladies Paletot Pattern (1860-1867) with some modifications.  The exterior of the coat is bound with wool braid, welt pockets were added instead of patch pockets, and a different collar was drafted.  The bound edges and sleeve decoration are based on an original in the Met Museum. The pattern is very well made a required very little alterations and I highly recommend it.  The shape of the sleeve is so perfect for 1860s I just love it!
Kay Fig 1860s Ladies Paletot front view.
1860s Ladies Paletot back view.
1860s Ladies Paletot side view of full coat sleeve.


  1. La tela parece muy fina y bonita, con un brillos especial. Le ha quedado muy bien. Le doy la enhorabuena. Algún día me haré uno parecido, aunque yo lo quiero un poco más largo.

  2. This is so beautiful, and that fabric is to die for. I have that pattern too and thinks it makes up just beautifully. I've never had to alter it to fit, just once in the length when I wanted a hip length jacket.

  3. Oh what a wonderfully warm looking winter coat! Your Ian did a most fabulous job on its creation! What a wonderfully blessed lady you are!


  4. This coat is SO stunning! I love the binding. Very elegant.


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