Monday, February 14, 2011

1840s Wrapper

I've always wanted a wrapper to round out my wardrobe and fell in love with this original that was sold through the Charles A.Whitaker Auction house a few years ago:

Low and behold I found some wool and cotton challis at that fit the bill almost exactly!  For the trim and collar I used strips of paisley from a reproduction cotton print that I purchased at Sac City Drygoods and I used leftovers from another 1840s dress I made to line the bodice.

The finished product:
I used a different stripe from the fabric for the cuff trim.
I can wear the wrapper with or without a corset (the pictures are taken without).  So far this has been one of my favorite projects, in terms of matching the original.  It took about two years to collect all the materials, but it was worth the wait! Now I just need a little cap to wear to complete my morning attire.


  1. Hey Chandra,
    I tried to post earlier but I'm not sure it took. I wanted to say how much I love your wrapper since I first saw it. I totally understand the length of time involved in putting a project together but hey, your wrapper is testimony enough that it's worth it.

  2. Me gusta mucho el colorido de los cuadros que ha elegido. Creo que el resultado final es muy bonito. No estoy segura si es una ropa que se usaba solo en casa durante la mañana ¿Es así ?


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