Thursday, June 9, 2016

Building an 18th century kit

I keep going back farther in time with each new impression I put together.  My husband has joined the 33rd British group and I am putting together a camp follower impression.  I am going to sew the underclothes first to get in the hang of hand sewing again.  So far I have only made a pair of linen pockets from the Kannik's Korner Pattern KK-6001, view A.  I used cross-stitch directions from Sharon Ann Burston to embroider my initials on one pocket and my husband's on the other.  I have a JP Ryan stays pattern and Kannik's Korner shift and bedgown patterns coming in the mail this week, so I'll have plenty to keep me busy this summer.
One pocket KK-6001, view A in progress
Completed pair of pockets, KK-6001, view A

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